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  • Rolson 4-in-1 Laser Pointer Pen Silver 1230082

    Code: RD35985
    Pack size: Each

    GBP RD35985 10.77 £ 10.77 Inc. VAT £ 12.92
  • Kensington Black /Chrome Wireless Presenter K33373EU

    Code: AC29040
    Pack size: Each

    Kensington Wireless Presenter. Allows the user to control the presentation from up to 65 feet away. Portable and easy to use with 4 button controls and rubberised grip for comfort. Provides forward and back control of Powerpoint and Keynote.
    GBP AC29040 37.59 £ 37.59 Inc. VAT £ 45.10
  • Kensington Black /Chrome Wireless Presenter Red Laser 33374EU

    Code: AC33374
    Pack size: Each

    Wireless presenter with laser pointer controls the presentation from up to 20 metres away. Pointer smartly directs attention. Fingertip control for convenient, one-touch start button. 2 AAA batteries for long life and convenient replacement.
    GBP AC33374 42.95 £ 42.95 Inc. VAT £ 51.54
  • Kensington Ultimate Presenter with Virtual Pointer K75233EU

    Code: AC51209
    Pack size: Each

    GBP AC51209 114.51 £ 114.51 Inc. VAT £ 137.41
  • Nobo Dark Blue P3 Page Point and Present Laser Pointer 1902390

    Code: NB25023
    Pack size: Each

    Multi-functional laser pointer with remote mouse, page up and page down, open Outlook, Internet Browser, Desktop, My Computer functions and tab from application to application.
    GBP NB25023 176.57 £ 176.57 Inc. VAT £ 211.88
  • Nobo Grey LCD/DLP Projector Trolley Twin Platform 1900791

    Code: NB10323
    Pack size: Each

    Nobo Multi-Media Projector Trolley. Suitable for use with any LCD/Slide Projector/PC presentation, twin height adjustable platforms can rotate 360 degrees to suit any environment, allowing presenter to face the audience while projector faces the screen.
    GBP NB10323 296.52 £ 296.52 Inc. VAT £ 355.82