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  • Bostik Blu-Tack Handy Pack 60g Single 801103

    Code: BK00181X
    Pack size: Each

    The original No.1 reusable adhesive. Holds up, holds down, holds safe almost anything. Handy 60g.
    GBP BK00181X 2.67 £ 2.67 Inc. VAT £ 3.20
  • UHU White Tack 129g Economy (Pack of 6) 43527

    Code: ED43527
    Pack size: PK6

    UHU White Tack Economy Pack 43527.Sticks paper or small objects to a multitude of surfaces. Fixes pictures, notes, memos, cards and decorations to walls. Will keep telephones, message pads, etc firmly down on surfaces.
    GBP ED43527 15.31 RRP:£ 19.07 £ 15.31
    20% Off Inc. VAT £ 18.37
  • UHU White Tack 62g Handy (Pack of 12) 42196

    Code: ED42196
    Pack size: PK12

    UHU White Tack Handy Pack 42196.Sticks paper or small objects to a multitude of surfaces.
    GBP ED42196 16.18 RRP:£ 22.15 £ 16.18
    27% Off Inc. VAT £ 19.42
  • Bostik Blu Tack 60g Handy (Pack of 12) 30813254

    Code: BK00181
    Pack size: PK12

    GBP BK00181 17.83 RRP:£ 27.41 £ 17.83
    35% Off Inc. VAT £ 21.39
  • Bostik Blu Tack 110g Economy (Pack of 12) 30590110

    Code: BK80108
    Pack size: PK12

    The original re-usable adhesive that is clean, safe and easy to use. Provides an ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tape. Holds up posters, cards party decorations, maps, messages. Holds down telephones and calculators to desks.
    GBP BK80108 20.39 RRP:£ 35.75 £ 20.39
    43% Off Inc. VAT £ 24.47
  • Bostik Stick n Fix Re-Usable White Tack 55g (Pack of 12) 801219

    Code: BK00173
    Pack size: PK12

    Stick and Fix is clean, safe and easy to use and provides an alternative to drawing pins and sticky tapes. Supplied in reusable strips and is extremely useful around the home, office or school.
    GBP BK00173 29.18 RRP:£ 31.48 £ 29.18
    7% Off Inc. VAT £ 35.02
  • 5 Star Office Multipurpose Tack Adhesive Re-usable Non-toxic 70g White [Pack 12]

    Code: 930728
    Pack size: PK12

    Re-useable sticky tack, ideal for sticking up drawings and posters or for holding down desktop accessories Non-toxic Safe alternative for tacks or pins White Weight: 70g Packed 12
    GBP 930728 30.28 £ 30.28 Inc. VAT £ 36.34